A trip to the Bird Kingdom was something fun and different. There was a reptile viewing room, complete with live iguana chillin’ on the floor; a small bird sanctuary left Amber ducking her head for the rest of the day as they sore in front of you, above you and around you; the creepy nocturnal area complete with bats, owls and the biggest spiders ever; and the main aviary with birds that look like they could be from a story book!

It was cool to see all the different types of exotic birds and hilarious to watch as little children were less freaked out by birds following them than Amber and I. You can make the tour last as long as you want it to. Amber and I were in there for just under an hour and were able to see everything! You can take your time and read every detail about every creature and I’m sure it would take much longer.

The Bird Kingdom is a unique tourist attraction in the Falls and something that I think would be really good to check!