Before you begin reading, I must warn you: this article is slightly self serving but I know everyone can relate.  This Friday is my birthday! As it approached I began thinking about birthdays in general. I have come to some conclusions, that I would like to share.

birthdayThere are three types of birthday people. Which one are you?
1) The Birthday Proclaimer: this person has no problem telling you that it’s their birthday. There, of course, are various levels of this person. The one, like me, who will tell you that it’s their birthday with a big grin on their face and are looking for a little sentiment for being born this day x amount of years ago. And then there is the ultimate Birthday Proclaimer who will wear a birthday pin all day and may also have a ‘Happy Birthday’ helium balloon attached to them to follow them around.

m-crying2) The Birthday Protestor: this person wants nothing to do with their birthday. They won’t have it posted on their Facebook, they won’t mention the date of their birthday and they definitely won’t tell anyone that it’s their birthday the day of! They don’t want to have a celebration, they don’t want you to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and they really don’t want the homemade birthday card I spent an hour making (oops).

birthdayboy3) The Birthday Down-Player: this person will not come out and tell you that it’s their birthday but if you realize and wish them a ‘Happy Birthday’ they will be happy. They may have a small celebration with their friends but they don’t want a big shin-dig, they don’t want the office to bring them a cake and candles but a card will be appreciated.


With the advent of Facebook and Twitter and all other things social media, Birthday wishes have changed. After some further thought, I realized that there is not only 3 types of birthday people but various types of birthday wishers on social media:imagesCA4RE3ZB
– The Once-A-Year: one Facebook message/year that says ‘happy birthday.’ There may be a smiley face included.
– The Friend That Should Have Called. Pretty self explanatory.
– The Who-the-Heck-Is-This: this person leaves a lovely message but you have no idea who they are. You want to say thank-you but you aren’t sure if you are being a jerk because you can’t remember them or if they are completely random and maybe a little creepy.
– The Genuine Facebook Post: this person took the time to write a lovely message to you, upload a funny photo from your past or find the perfect image on Google to make you laugh on your birthday and make you feel special.

Now that I have summed up Birthday People and Birthday Wishers, there is only one thing left for me to do: go and celebrate my birthday! Cheers!