Two free samples of wine and a pleasant host. That’s what Amber and I got when we went to see Coyote’s Run Estate Winery. Coupons from their website allow you to sample two different types of wine. I think they do this because they know that once you try it, you’re gonna buy it. I did!

What sets this winery apart from the many different wineries in Niagara Falls is the two very distinct soil types they have on their property: red clay and black clay. We were told that the black clay produces wine that is rich and earthly, the red clay is much fruitier. I have recently became interested in wine in the last year or so and I still was able to tell a difference in the Pinot Noir grown in the two different types of soil. I enjoyed the black clay better, which of course ended up being the more expensive one. (That’s always the way, isn’t it?) Amber tried both a red (2008 Syrah) and a white (2009 Pinot Blanc), and enjoyed both of them!

I think that this winery should be a definite stop on your next tour of Niagara’s wine region! Even if you’re a local, why not plan a weekend getaway with a built in wine tour? Check out the Liquid Lunch package!