For those of you who don’t know what the Floral Clock is… it’s exactly what it sounds like; a large fully functioning clock made out of flowers.

Let me start by saying that Amber and I were a day too early to see the clock in full bloom. But because of this, we got to see the students from the School of Horticulture planting all of the flowers. We got a sneak peak of what the design would be this year as well. We learned that each year there is a different design and this year it’s celebrating The School of Horticulture’s 75th year. If the back door is open, take a look at pictures of all the designs back to 1950 and the workings of the clock.

This attraction is free to the public, free parking and offers some beautiful picture taking opportunities. Check the floral clock out on your drive down the Niagara Parkway!