The Winter Festival of Lights are famous in Niagara Falls. This great light display can be seen from November all the way through January. I like to go when there is snow on the ground, as the different coloured lights seem to bounce off the glistening snow. There are four main light displays; Dufferin Island Great Canadian Outdoors, Winter Wonderland, World Religions and my favourite, Enchantment of Disney. To see the lights, it is simply a donation of your choosing, but being in the Christmas spirit and giving more than just pocket change is always appreciated.

There has never been a winter that I haven’t driven through on numerous occasions. I remember as a kid going through with my family, then when my friends and I got our license we started making trips. For me, there is something magical about being in the warmth of your car, while it’s freezing outside, snowflakes are falling and the light displays are the only things that are shining. Of course, this winter hasn’t exactly been filled with snow, but the light displays are just as beautiful!

No winter trip to Niagara Falls is complete without a drive through the Festival of Lights displays. Whether you are old, young or young at heart… the bright lights of the displays warm even the coldest of winter nights.