Icewine FestivalNow I’m not sure if growing up in Niagara Falls had anything to do with my love of wine but I know one thing.. icewine is the nectar from the gods! And luckily.. there is a full festival celebrating Niagara’s expertise in this category! If you have never tried icewine , you need to. Plain and simple. Then you’ll understand.

The opening weekend of the Niagara Icewine Festival has come and gone, starting on January 11th, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy all that this festival has to offer.  Opening weekend saw Xerox’s Icewine Gala complete with wines from 30 of Niagara’s wineries and delectable Niagara cuisine by some of the area’s top chefs! On January 12th, the All You Need is Cheese seminar took place. Wine and cheese, the perfect combination!

Reif Estate Winery holds The Icewine Experience; featuring 4 wines from their winery and icewine inspired culinary delights. If you want to step it up a touch, check out the Discovery Pass. With this $40 pass, you are able to visit 8 wineries and sample not only their delicious wine but some amazing paired cuisine. Of course you don’t have to visit all 8 wineries in one weekend!


Niagara is proud of our wineries and all of the effort and fun events that are organized during these festivals are evidence. If you don’t want to partake in one of these events, that’s okay too! Visit the wineries during this season for a different experience than the summer wine tours that many of you are use to. Get out there, enjoy some wine…Cheers!