I remember getting dressed up in my matching dress and bow, putting on my best shoes and heading off to The Niagara Square with my mom and brother to get our pictures done with Santa Claus! This could be the perfect souvenir from your trip or the perfect thing to do in Niagara Falls or as a local, a perfect souvenir from a wonderful holiday season.

If you are lucky, there won’t be a line, if there is a line, you can spend your time watching as little children cry when they are put on Santa’s knee or try to steal the whole basket of candy canes (like my brother did when he was three).  But all joking aside, I was always very excited to go see Santa and tell him what I wanted. It was always either the newest Barbie or a Cabbage Patch Kid, while my brother always asked for a new Lego set or Ninja Turtles.

We continue to set out our Santa pictures every year on the windowsill and reminiscing about the good ol’ days is something that my family and I enjoy every holiday season.  If you haven’t already gotten your picture done, or taken your kids to get their picture taken, I think you should. Having memories captured in a single moment of happiness in that picture frame, will never go out of style.