Looking for things to do in Niagara with the kids? Or maybe you are just looking for something to do with friends during the Winter season. Why not go sledding down at Fireman’s Park?

For years this has been a popular hang out for families and teens to go sledding. Make sure to watch out for all the trees around, it’s best to try and spot a straight line down the hill with no trees. This is more so a problem on the steeper hill, so be careful! Another thing to watch out for–that I found out the hard way–is any snow jumps that people create that you can’t really notice from the top. I really went flying when I hit that at the end!

Even though I am not the biggest fan of the cold, I did enjoy sledding and I still do. Who knows…maybe you might see me and my friends sledding down the hill this year. We will be the ones with the uncontrollable laughter and some form of hot beverage near by.