Although Niagara Falls is a popular tourist destination, many tourists leave the area without truely seeing the beauty that lies here. But Hayley and I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with many Niagara sites that most people miss out on. One of those sites being the Niagara Glen.

We were so excited to hike down one of the many trails towards the Niagara River. We were even lucky enough to see the Niagara Jet Boat pass through. We also thought it was appropriate to check out the waters temperature. It was a bit chilly, but totally worth it because it was extremely hot that day.

Hayley and I spent most of the day down there enjoying the scenic beauty and each others company. We could have stayed down there for hours, but it was time to leave. As fun as the hike down was, the hike up was worth the sweat.

Of course the Niagara Glen is not just a spot for hiking. It can also we used as a place to enjoy nature, hang out with friends, family, and loved ones, or a place to enjoy some fresh air. So check it out while you visit, we are sure you will enjoy it!