wine sense eventsWine Sense Events is a business that focuses on bringing to light the delicious variety of wine that can be found here in the Niagara region. They offer exclusive wine & food tasting events or you can partake in one of their open events! Of course, we had to see what it was all about so Lisa and Jen were sent to investigate… they’ve come back and given me the scoop!

Lisa and Jennifer attended an event held at PowWow in St. Catharines, which featured wine from Henry of Pelham winery. This event was all about the aging of wine and learning how to differentiate an aged wine from a new wine, from the same type of grape. Wine Sense Events offered 3 types of wines; Riesling, Chardonnay and Meritage. Offering up 2 of each type of wine, one old and one new, the ladies were able to try and tell the difference using taste, colour and scent. The winery sent along a rep to speak about each wine, while Jillian from Wine Sense Events gave some lessons in differentiation.

What type of wine tasting would be complete without a delicious food pairing? They had that covered. To go along with the Rieslings, a seared scallop with a citrus salsa, Chardonnays were paired with a piece of grilled sea bass and the Meritages were complimented with a slow braised beef rib that apparently melted in your mouth!

Lisa and Jennifer said that the best thing about the event was the variety of people that came to enjoy the wine experience. It’s great for couples looking for something different to do and a fun girl’s night out. A lot of times people are worried that wine tasting events will be stuffy and formal but the ladies said it wasn’t at all! Tons of fun and educational too… the right mix for experienced and novice wine drinkers alike.