Niagara is filled with wonderful wineries and historical landmarks, as well as fun festivals and holiday events. Winter is filled with activities from Winter Festival of Lights to our very own Santa Clause parade. There are many different types of activities that travellers and visitors can enjoy day-to-day; all around the Niagara region, from Port Dalhousie to Fort Erie. Stay up to date by checking Postcards from Niagara and following us on facebook page! We will fill you in on many things, from taking a candlelit stroll, to ice skating, to enjoying an Ice Dogs game and finding out about the best place to sled! But nothing compares to the natural beauty which is Niagara Falls. The mist covers the trees in an icy blanket that sparkles with the street lamps and Christmas lights.  Niagara Falls is known as one of the Natural Wonders of the World, come see why.